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Community Solar Help Center
  • What is my community solar bill for?

    It’s for your monthly subscription charges based on the credits you earned on your utility bill.

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  • How will I pay my electric utility bill and Community Solar bill?

    You will get two bills: one from your utility company, and one from CleanChoice Energy.

    Your Utility Bill:

    You will continue to pay your electric utility bill as you do now. Your utility bill will display your community solar bill credits, and your total amount due will be reduced by the value of the community solar bill credits generated during each billing cycle.

    Your Community Solar Bill:

    We will separately invoice you for your community solar bill credits. You will receive a community solar bill one to two billing cycles after your bill credits appear on your utility bill.  

    You save the difference

    Over time, the difference between your generated solar credits and your electric bill will usually result in savings. Actual savings will depend on the actual production of the solar farm and the value of your bill credits over time as compared to the applicable utility rates established by your Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the specific terms of your subscription agreement.(See: will I save money?)

    How to pay your Community Solar bill:

    We offer several ways for you to pay your community solar bill. You can:

    • Enroll in automatic payments by calling 1-800-581-0702 or through your community solar customer portal account.
    • Make a one-time payment by calling 1-800-581-0702 
    • Pay your bill online through your community solar customer portal account.
    • Mail in a check. Please send your check to the address on your community solar bill’s remittance slip.
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  • Why do I have to pay two bills?

    Enrolling in community solar doesn't change your utility provider, so you still receive and pay a monthly electric bill from your utility. 

    Your Community Solar bill is for the solar credits you earn based on the amount of solar energy generated by your subscription. 

    The solar credits you earn through your subscription are applied to utility bill to reduce your balance.

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  • How is my community solar bill calculated?

    Your community solar bill is determined by the size of your share of the farm and the amount of solar energy produced. Depending on the terms of your community solar agreement, your allocation can range from 80 to 120% of your annual electrical usage.

    If your solar farm subscription produces more credits than you can use in a single billing cycle, these credits will rollover and be applied to future utility bills.

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  • When will I get my community solar bill?

    Once your farm is generating solar power and after you start receiving credits. If you join a community solar farm that’s already active, you won’t be billed until you start receiving credits on your utility bill. You’ll get your first bill after the first month you receive credits.

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  • How will I know that I received credit for the power produced?

    Your utility bill will display your community solar credits.

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  • Will my monthly payment ever change?

    Yes, it’s likely that your monthly payment will change every month. They can vary based on solar production, but will always correspond with the credits allocated to your utility bill. For example, higher production will result in a higher monthly payment, as well as a higher solar credit.

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  • How will I receive my bill?

    As a clean energy company, we do our best to minimize the amount of paper we send out.  We encourage you to take advantage of our paperless billing option. You can opt-in to paperless billing at any time through your community solar customer portal account.

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  • What if I want to change my bill type preference?

    Just call 1-800-581-0702 or email us at to change your method of bill delivery. It may take a billing cycle for the change to be updated.

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  • What do I need to enroll in automatic payments?

    You’ll need to provide a valid email address, a checking account, or a credit card. And you can easily enroll by calling us at 1-800-581-0702 or through our secure customer portal.

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  • How long does it take for autopay to take effect?

    About one or two billing cycles.

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